BPO is Business Process Outsourcing. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. You call to sort out a personal bill or account and speak to someone in another country, reading a script to handle your customer service issue. Sometimes it works great. Sometimes it’s frustrating. As with anything in business, the success or failure of Business Process Outsourcing depends entirely on planning.

What is BPO? How can BPO help small businesses?

Business Process Outsourcing might sound like it’s just for big corporations who want to slash costs by outsourcing to offshore business process outsourcing providers, but let me stop you right there. BPO can help even the smallest micro-business owner. In fact, I’d argue that every micro-business should consider BPO if they have any chance of growing.

So, what is BPO? What do we mean by that? Well, what it says on the tin. BPO is any business process that you can outsource. Even the smallest of business will usually outsource their accounting and hopefully even their bookkeeping to an accountant. Why? Because they are better at it.

BPO UK – helping businesses to grow

Are you having a lightbulb moment here? Any size business benefits from evaluating all of their business processes to see what they can improve. Sometimes you do have the resources to make improvements in-house. Sometimes thinking about your ‘business processes’ highlights the frightening reality that you’re just making it up as you go along. Many business already outsource their legal and accounting business processes, but how well are you really managing your sales process, your customer data, your content marketing strategy, your Human Resources.

Process is everything. But not all business owners are good process people. Sometimes, they might be the visionary, the person who has the industry connections or knows the industry inside and out. But that doesn’t mean they can see the administrative steps needed to process a new client from marketing through to contract signed.

Is BPO UK right for your company?

Follow these 3 steps to find out whether BPO is right for your company.
1. List your current business processes

  • this could be as simple as what you do when you get a new sales call or ask complex as using a Customer Relationship Management system to track and report on every touchpoint a sales lead has from first contact to repeat customer
  • this is the ‘how we do things’ of your business
  • if you don’t have many formal business processes, skip steps 2 and 3! You need some help creating some business processes. Contact OfficeHounds to schedule a free phone consultation. If your needs are too complex for our experience, we can put you in touch with someone who can help.
2. Evaluate which business processes on your list work smoothly, which could be improved and any areas of your business that feel disorganised or have no process.
  • decide where to put your improvement energy.
  • If you could wave a magic wand and have amazing processes in place in any area of your business, what area would you improve?
3. Start talking to BPO providers – get some quotes
  • don’t assume that only your company can do things
  • business process outsourcing can free up your resources allowing you to grow your business
  • Contact OfficeHounds to see how we can improve your business processes with BPO
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