One of my customers asked me whether a twitter feed on a home page help SEO and Google ranking.

My gut instinct was that it wouldn’t help with SEO, but someone told my customer to do this. I’m not an SEO expert, so I didn’t give an opinion until I had time to do some research.

Listen folks. I heard it from the horses mouth. Having a Twitter feed on your home page does not help your SEO.

Watch this video where Google give their explanation of why a live Twitter feed does not help your Google rankings.

He makes an interesting suggestion to instead hand pick your favourite tweets of the week. I love this idea, as it gives your readers a reason to come back to visit your website. You’re curating good content for them. Hopefully, content they’ll love. Content you’ve hand picked to match your target market’s interests.

Another idea that I’ve seen on websites is displaying tweeted testimonials.

Remember you can also embed any tweet in a blog or anywhere on your website.

Click Expand
Click Details
Click Embed this Tweet
Copy and paste the HTML code into your blog and display your favourite tweets. Here’s two of mine.

This one’s from Best Selling Business and Non-Fiction Author Shaa Wasmund

The next one is from the VP Global Creative at @CocaCola (My Grandmother used to drive from Iowa to Arkansas to fill up her trunk . . .or boot with a specific sized bottle of Coke. So, I was pleased to get such a nice tweet from Jonathan.)

How do you share tweets via your website?

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