Maybe you don’t want or need ongoing Social Media marketing support. Maybe you just need help with a one-off project.

Below are some examples of one-off projects.

You Tube
  • Create a branded YouTube channel
  • establish a YouTube strategy without recording a single video
  • custom welcome page
  • competition
  • changing your page link to a custom URL http://wwww.facebook.com/yourname
  • target a specific niche to ‘like’ your page
  • earn a specific number of ‘likes’
  • product launch


  • match your profile to your website branding
  • increase followers by a specific number
  • product launch
  • search and follow tweeps in your target market
  • copywriting 365 tweets written & scheduled to ensure 1 tweet goes out each day for a year

Social Media Marketing Strategy / Planning / Execution

  • Business review to identify the Social Media platforms are most important for your business
  • detailed preparation of a Social Media Marketing strategy
  • online staff training
  • account set up that allows you to update all of your Social Media accounts simply by sending an email.


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